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Get creative: Freehand Machine Embroidery Class

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Know how to use your sewing machine but want to get creative? Learn how to do decorative freehand embroidery designs with your sewing machine.

Great for card making, gifts picture in a frame, fun appliqué on a dress or pillowcase, customise an old item of clothing with these techniques.  So get started: book online – Freehand Sewing Machine Embroidery class with teacher Katie (pics of her creations!). Class includes sewing machine set up, different techniques, ideas to get you designing and practice your technique.

Don’t know how to use your sewing machine yet? Book online – Sewing Machine Skills class.


Zips & button holes class: Pull over now a zip up!

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Zips & button holes class THIS Saturday 2-4pm – book in now.

I simply don’t wear pull overs as much as I wear cardigans and zip up jumpers. So when I saw this pull over I almost didn’t buy it BUT instead, I sliced it open up the centre front and sewed a zip in – using my zipper foot on my machine to get right in as close next to the zip as possible.

 I wear it all the time so I plan on chopping all my old pull overs open as well… beware, snip snip snip!

What’s cooking for Jubilee?

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1x Dish cloth (with a fun design or colour)
2-4 meters Ribbon to match1 reel Thread to match


  1. Hold the dish cloth to up to your body as you would like the apron to be positioned when finished.
  2. Pin the desired positions for the waist ties and measure the desired length.
  3. Measure the length of the neck strap at the correct height. If you making a gift you could add neck ties to be tied instead of a neck strap. Pin the position of the neck strap/ties.
    [Optional: if the dish cloth is too wide across the bust you could add a pleat to the top left and right, under the neck strap positions.]
  4. Cut the ribbon to the measured lengths and pin and sew in place.
  5. Remember to edge the ends of the ties to prevent fraying.

Ta daaaa! Have a fun weekend!

From bedroom to dinner table

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I am such a hoarder! So I am rather relieved and chuffed when I can upcycle something instead of throw it away. This was a quick job that I managed to get some time to stitch before this old duvet found its way into my cupboard of STUFF waiting to be transformed – some items in there I have trekked from South Africa 10 years ago!

Table runner
After - now a new table runner
Old bedspread
Before - a bedspread

Floral up an old T-shirt or cardi

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This is a pic of a bought cardi but can easily be replicated on an old cardi or T-shirt – would look great with a pencil skirt this season.

Don’t like floral print? Why not try contrasting colours or add a few pearls/ beads.

Watch this space for other ideas on how to upcycle your wardrobe.