Christmas sewing

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Join us in the run-up to Christmas to get your home ready for this beautiful time of year.

At the ‘Christmas housewarming sewing‘ sessions we’ll be sewing fun (or chic if you prefer): fabric wreaths, advent bunting, fabric ball-balls, reindeer head cushions, tea towels, placemats or table runners.

Check dates and book a session online to join us here.

We’ll also be making home-made Christmas gifts – easy but beautiful gifts for family and friends. From iPad stands, baby booties, stocking for every family member, lace cape for the celebration season and any of the above home warming makes from the too.

Bring your chosen fabric and top your colour scheme up with some fabric or buttons on sale from my haberdashery.

Check out the items that we’ll be making below on my Christmas Housewarming Sewing pinterest board.


99-year-old Woman sews a dress a day

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Lillian Weber is 99-years-old and makes a dress for a small girl in Africa every single day.

By next May 6, when Lillian Weber celebrates her 100th birthday, her tally will reach 1,000 handmade dresses donated. In the past two years she’s finished more than 840 of them.

Lilian_WeberShe may use just a single pattern but adorns each one with special decoration, ribbon or ruffle that makes the dress one-of-a-kind.

Purposeful sewing that makes a difference – love it!

Watch her video.

What’s cooking for Jubilee?

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1x Dish cloth (with a fun design or colour)
2-4 meters Ribbon to match1 reel Thread to match


  1. Hold the dish cloth to up to your body as you would like the apron to be positioned when finished.
  2. Pin the desired positions for the waist ties and measure the desired length.
  3. Measure the length of the neck strap at the correct height. If you making a gift you could add neck ties to be tied instead of a neck strap. Pin the position of the neck strap/ties.
    [Optional: if the dish cloth is too wide across the bust you could add a pleat to the top left and right, under the neck strap positions.]
  4. Cut the ribbon to the measured lengths and pin and sew in place.
  5. Remember to edge the ends of the ties to prevent fraying.

Ta daaaa! Have a fun weekend!

Show much craft @ London, Olympia

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Demonstrations and workshops for almost anything: bookbinding, jewellery (beaded, wire and fabric),  knittingsewing, felting, embroidery, crochet, papercrafts and more… enjoy!

Stitch & Craft show – London Olympia
15th – 18th March 2012
10am – 5.30pm (closes 5pm Sunday)

Sewing projects for beginners

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Making something you can use or simply something beautiful is very satisfying. But getting half way through a sewing project that is taking A LOT longer than anticipated is horrible – it takes a long time to get the motivation to finish the project or start a new one.

So… make sure the project you start is one that is mostly within your skill but is still a bit of a challenge and allow enough time as I find sewing takes longer than you think. I’d much rather have too many items that are completed than a heap of uncompleted projects starring you in the face! (Having said that – I think of the heap of my own alterations that I never seem to get to!)

Here are a few easy sewing project ideas for beginners:

  • Bunting is perfect accessory or gift this year – with the Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee. Fabulous in different brightly coloured fabrics stitched onto ribbon or bias (binding).
  • Scatter cushions for the lounge or your bedroom – you can add pretty lace, frills or piping as you advance too.
  • Tote bags are handy and practical – fold the bottom of the bag in a few inches before stitching to create a wider base. (Your mum said she’d like one for Mother’s day.)

Tote bags