Handbag compartmentalisation

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Here is a quick alteration – handbag compartmentalisation!

So this bag was simply a big hole and everything just bundled into a mess at the bottom. Need some dividers here!

I simply laid the bag flat, removed the lining (as show in the picture) and pinned a similar sized, edged piece of fabric onto the seamed edges of the lining. I sewed all round the edge and voilà!


I now have a bag with 2 big divisions and I have more options to put the contents.

PS. You could add little phone pockets etc into the ‘divider’ insert before sewing to the lining for more compartments.
PPS. If the top edge of the divider seems too wide (or droopy) once you turn it the right way around, simply pleat (and sew) the top edge of the dividing fabric to keep the capacity at the bottom.

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