What’s cooking for Jubilee?

1x Dish cloth (with a fun design or colour)
2-4 meters Ribbon to match1 reel Thread to match


  1. Hold the dish cloth to up to your body as you would like the apron to be positioned when finished.
  2. Pin the desired positions for the waist ties and measure the desired length.
  3. Measure the length of the neck strap at the correct height. If you making a gift you could add neck ties to be tied instead of a neck strap. Pin the position of the neck strap/ties.
    [Optional: if the dish cloth is too wide across the bust you could add a pleat to the top left and right, under the neck strap positions.]
  4. Cut the ribbon to the measured lengths and pin and sew in place.
  5. Remember to edge the ends of the ties to prevent fraying.

Ta daaaa! Have a fun weekend!


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