And we’re off… (stitch, stitch, stitch)

Well done to Shilpa for beautifully making a hot water bottle cover as her first sewing project at the first of our Supervised Sewing Groups.

If you are not confident sewing on your own and need some guidance or just want to get away from – why not join us for the next Supervised Sewing Group on 3 December. Call me to book a spot!

It’s great to see people getting excited about sewing and getting right stuck into projects. It’s not too late to make some bespoke Christmas presents! Contact me for some fab ideas. 

Supervised Sewing Groups
Girls sewing away at the Supervised Sewing Group
Learn to sew
'Bespoke' hot water bottle cover by Shilpa

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I've been sewing since I can remember and absolutely love it! Come sew with me - learn at your own pace with only 5 in each class. Complete beginners are most welcome.

One thought on “And we’re off… (stitch, stitch, stitch)

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Mum was delighted with the repairs to her coat lining we did at the last Sewing Group – and the rest of the family couldn’t believe the transformation. Next step – Izzy has a shirt she wants to shorten and I need to adjust my grey skirt, so plenty more in the pipeline. Might even try making my son’s trousers trendy like in your picture (though he may disown them altogether if I try…)

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